Community Resource Unit Inc

The CRU Resource Collection (Library)

The CRU Resource Collection (library) contains a dynamic collection of material that has been gathered over many years. It is constantly updated with publications that are relevant to the needs of people with disabilities, families, managers, co-ordinators, support workers, students and researchers. The collected works include practical ideas for supporting people with disabilities to get a good life, and for support services to gain a deeper understanding of their roles in the lives of those people, and in the wider community.

What makes this collection different from others is that it places emphasis on how society marginalises people with disabilities and how societal devaluation impacts on the lives of people in multiple ways. The material that has been collected is coherent with CRU's beliefs that it is in the community that people with disabilities will find the life they seek for themselves, enjoying a wide range of roles, relationships and interests, and that there is no disability that is so severe that it precludes a full life. The collection includes many works by Wolf Wolfensberger and Michael Kendrick. It also includes a large number of journals, newsletters and photocopied articles.

Although CRU is not able to loan entire books, it does make the collection available through the following provisions:

  • the assistance of the Information Program Consultant, who is able to conduct searches of the database, and locate and photocopy material or (where possible) send electronic versions of papers;
  • a data-base description of the entire collection and the provision of electronic reports of searches (including abstracts and publication details);
  • the provision of abstracts of recent library additions on this website;
  • the provision of desk-space and access to photocopying for visitors to the library; and,
  • where distance or other barriers exist, material can be selected, copied and posted.

There is no cost to access the library in person or to have search results forwarded via email or post. Where photocopying of articles or book chapters is required the cost is 10c per page and the cost of postage (if required).

Many people use the resources of the CRU library to inform their work, and for inspiration when seeking more creative ideas for enhancing the lives of people with disabilities, and for supporting their families. We welcome your visit to our library or remote library request.

Please phone CRU on (07) 3844 2211for assistance or email: