Community Resource Unit Inc

CRU Presenters/Facilitators

Jane Sherwin has been involved in the lives of people with disabilities since the late 1970s. She has worked in community based and government human services as an Occupational Therapist, Manager, Lecturer, Transition Support Worker and Consultant. For the past twelve years Jane has been committed to broad change in the disability sector, particularly so that people with disabilities can have ordinary and valued lives. Jane’s work has involved working with individuals and agencies across Queensland as they seek to provide more responsive services to people with disabilities, and developing and presenting educational events. Jane was Director of CRU from 2000 to June 2007.

Michael Kendrick has a passionate interest in the provision of quality services to people with disabilities. With over 25 years of experience, he has made a very significant contribution to the field as an educator, consultant, and advocate. He is well known for his work on Leadership, Quality, Advocacy, Safeguards and the promotion of community living for people with disabilities.

John Armstrong is one of Australia’s three SRV senior trainers. His background is in education, with specific emphasis in education to Aboriginal people and people with hearing impairment, intellectual disability and autism. John is an Advocate and board member with the Sunbury Citizen Advocacy Program and is Chairman of Sunranges Employment Training, a vocational and training program for people who are unemployed.

Peter Millier is Senior Trainer with Training and Evaluation for Change Inc in South Australia. He has worked in a variety of human services for 25 years, including seven years as Director, Client Services for the Intellectually Disabled Services Council in South Australia. In 1990 Peter worked with Dr Wolf Wolfensberger at Syracuse University in New York.

Ann Greer has over ten years experience in working with people who have challenging behaviour. She draws on the writings of Anne Donnellan, LaVigna and Willis and the concepts of Gentle Teaching. Most of all, her learning and understanding have come from her greatest teachers, people with disabilities themselves, including her son and daughter.

Fiona McGill has worked in the disability sector for 13 years as a service provider and manager. She also teaches at T.A.F.E. in Sydney. Fiona has served on a number of peak bodies and forums and is particularly interested in innovative approaches in the disability sector.

Janet Klees is from Toronto, Canada.  She has had involvement for over 15 years with the Deohaeko Support Network, a small family group who designed and built an intentional co-operative community in Southern Ontario.

Ric Thompson is Townsville based and well known to CRU. He brings a very practical, interactive and commonsense approach to all his work that participants find useful and relevant to their own situations.