Community Resource Unit Inc

Workforce Development Training

Community Resource Unit developed this series of workshops as part of CRU's Organisation Development Program. This program was designed to strengthen the capacity of services to respond relevantly and potently to the needs of the people served by a service.

This workshop series was made possible through funding from Disability Services Queensland (DSQ): Strengthening Non-Government Organisations – Workforce Development Initiative.

Events conducted in 2007

Choice: How do we maximise autonomy and keep people safe? Microsoft Word File (Word format)

It's All About Communicating Microsoft Word File (Word format)

Community Linking Microsoft Word File (Word format)

Designing and providing relevant and potent support arrangementsMicrosoft Word File (Word format)

Power, Authority and Right Relationship Microsoft Word File (Word format)

Belonging Microsoft Word File (Word format)

The workshop explores what it means to belong, why it is important, the barriers to belonging that exist for people who are marginalised in our society, and how we can assist people to belong. As part of this workshop, Neil and Lynda are keen to share not only their knowledge and experience, but also the collective wisdom of the participants of these workshops. During the workshop participants are invited to weave their individual insights into a framework. Following each workshop the wisdom of each group will be collated and added to this document to begin to create a Queensland-wide framework for belonging. The aim of this project is to grow our collective wisdom to assist us all – both people with disabilities and the people that support them – to more fully “belong” to our families, our communities and ourselves. This framework is available for download here. Belonging Action Learning Framework .Microsoft Word File (Word format)