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Feedback and Complaints

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CRU seeks and welcomes feedback from people who use CRU's Programs. In addition to the feedback that CRU seeks, some people will wish to give unsolicited feedback. This is likely to be a compliment, concern or complaint.

As a general principle, concerns especially those of a day to day operational nature should, where ever possible be solved immediately by the staff involved. Staff will do what they can to correct deficiencies and then report as soon as practical to the director.

If the complaint can not be resolved by the Director, to the satisfaction of the complainant then it will be referred to the Chairperson.

If the complaint relates to the Director then it will be referred directly to the Chair Person

If satisfactory resolution still can not be achieved, the complainant will be informed of appropriate external review options that are available.

CRU will:

  • Reply to complainants within 7 days and then respond to the complainant with a report of what has been done to address their complaint within 28 days.
  • Collect and record non-identifying data on concerns and complaints,
  • Use the information to identify underlying causes of issues, correct any problems and improve the quality of the service.

For more information or to submit feedback please contact CRU.



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