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Optimal Individual Service Design Courses 2009

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In 2009, Disability Services Queensland wanted to develop life enhancing, sustainable and financially viable support arrangements for people who were supported through non-recurrent emergency and crisis funding. It was recognized that for a number of people, emergency support had been put in place at short notice with little opportunity at that time, for planning with the person to occur. Many people had continued to be supported in the same arrangement that was originally established in response to the initial crisis, without significant review.

It was also recognized that for a number of people, their present emergency support arrangements had necessitated very high levels of emergency and crisis funding. Not only was this level of funding unsustainable in the longer term, but it was obvious that despite some very large amounts of funding, the quality of life of many of these people was very poor and there was a sense that the emergency arrangements were not a good fit with their specific individual needs. In April 2009 Disability Services approached Dr Michael Kendrick of Kendrick consulting International to assist with the issue. Dr Kendrick is internationally recognized for his work on service quality, leadership, innovation and safeguards and their application to individualised supports.

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