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Succession Project

This project provides a long-term strategy for those families who collectively wish to develop a formal service response as one safeguard of the interests of their sons and daughters. CRU currently supports five collectives of people, families and friends to imagine what a person-centred response to support arrangements would look like for the person they love and support.

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The Collective Action Group, one of the five collectives supported through the Succession Project is an innovative response to the need for individuals to have real lives, real autonomy and to live firmly embedded in community. An outline of the group, its history, vision and purpose is detailed below.

Collective Action Group

An advocacy organisation approached CRU, concerned about the situation of a number of vulnerable people who receive funding for support, but are receiving services that are inadequate to meeting their desires to live full and rich lives within the community.

CRU has been working with a range of people from advocacy organisations and disability services to develop the project.

The purpose of this project is to work with individuals to:

  • Provide vulnerable individuals with quality supports over which they have high levels of control, choice and flexibility.
  • Work in an intentional way to bring community members into the lives of these individuals, to foster better family/community connections and to enhance the capacity of ordinary community members to respond to the needs of these individuals.
  • Trial and develop an innovative service model which uses a governing collective and host agency to manage the service.

The project is specifically designed to try to bring ordinary citizens into the lives of these individuals and to support the ongoing involvement of (or re-connection with) family and other informal supports.

The project is also an innovative response to the need for individuals and their families to have greater control over their support arrangements while being shielded from the ever-increasing complexity of financial and legal responsibilities which currently threaten the viability of small incorporated organisations.

Thus this initiative aims to:

  • Give these individuals more control and choice around their support arrangements
  • Work in an intentional way to bring others into the lives of these individuals
  • Trial and further develop an innovative service model which has the potential to be replicated by others throughout Queensland.

About the Collective Action Group

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